Geleza Nathi

Mzansi’s No.1 study buddy, Geleza Nathi, is broadcast daily on SABC1 between 05h00 and 06h00, kick-starting the school day for millions of young South Africans.

Aimed at Grade 10-12 learners, Geleza Nathi is a jam-packed show that not only focuses on core curriculum concepts across five subjects but also gives young people an opportunity to discuss the various youth-related issues that affect them and their peers. Geleza Nathi’s young and vibrant teachers introduce a fresh approach to learning, ensuring that our viewers ‘come and learn Geleza Nathi’s studio presenters and study  group leaders.

Our hi-energy field presenters join in the action by taking us on a whirlwind national tour, visiting high schools across Mzansi. Every day they pop into a different school, where they get the scoop on what’s happening in the community and challenge learners’ subject knowledge in an ‘edutaining’ game to see which team comes out tops.

Now in its ninth season, Geleza Nathi’s fun twist on education makes getting up in the morning something to look forward to. With its strong social media presence, it’s more than just a TV show – it’s an interactive space for learners to gather before school for a boost of inspiration that helps them tackle their day with a positive attitude.



Developed for the SABC, SEVA (the SABC Education Virtual Academy) is an online learning environment that aims to support South African learners enrolled in public schools.  SABC Education’s mission, ‘Enriching Minds, Enriching Lives’, underpins the academy.

Supported by the Department of Basic Education, SEVA was officially launched in 2018. The platform currently delivers matric support in five key subjects: Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Accounting and English First Additional Language. The content – consisting of videos, flashcards, lesson notes, quizzes and games – is extracted and repurposed for e-learning from the SABC’s premier education show, Geleza Nathi, broadcast on SABC 1 from 05h00 to 06h00, Mondays to Fridays.


Geleza Nathi Fitness Revolution

The Geleza Nathi Fitness Revolution is a health-and-wellness programme designed to encourage young South Africans to ‘get up, get active and have a great time doing it’.

The programme is rolled out in high schools across Mzansi to help learners:
• Understand the importance of a healthy, balanced life;
• Start exercising from a young age;
• See that exercising can be fun; and
• Increase their productivity at school and in their everyday lives.

At each school it visits, the Fitness Revolution team takes learners through a variety of routines, from fast-paced workouts that get them moving and sweating to relaxing cool-down sequences that focus on stretching and meditation.

As well as being integrated into the daily Geleza Nathi TV show, the exercise routines taught at schools are also collated and packaged as a DVD box set, which is given to participating schools along with a supporting booklet.

SABC Education Career Guide

The SABC Education Career Guide, available as a DVD box set with supporting (printable) PDF notes, explores 30 careers of interest to young school leavers – for example, auctioneer, cardiothoracic surgeon, dental technician, food technologist, pilot and social entrepreneur.

An initiative of SABC Education Outreach, the career guide series consists of a compilation of curated content from the SABC’s career programming archives.

Each episode in the DVD series provides a ‘window’ into the real-life working environment of the featured career. It unpacks the day-to-day demands of the job, while also offering practical advice about what qualifications are required and which personality types are best suited to the profiled career field.

Cool Careers for 21st Century Artisans

Developed for SABC Education Outreach, Cool Careers for 21st Century Artisans is a booklet that encourages young South Africans to consider following an artisanal career path. It details the steps to becoming a qualified artisan, the challenges and rewards presented by the various careers, and the prospects for employment and entrepreneurship.

The booklet is a response to the fact that South Africa urgently needs more artisans for ongoing growth and economic development. In the years leading up to 2030, the country needs to more than double its number of qualified artisans. This is why Government has declared 2014 to 2024 the ‘Decade of the Artisan’. Its aim is to produce at least 30,000 qualified artisans a year, especially in areas of scarce and critical skills.

 The Epic Hangout – Science Experiments to Do at Home

Based on the award-winning SABC2 programme The Epic Hangout, this booklet gives 10- to 13-year-olds 21 exciting science experiments to try at home using ordinary household items (no expensive equipment is required).

From finding out what salt does to ice to learning how to send an invisible message or how to bend a pencil, readers are given many opportunities to appreciate that science is all around them in their everyday lives, just waiting to be discovered.

An initiative of SABC Education Outreach, The Epic Hangout – Science Experiments to Do at Home dispels the myth that science is something that only happens in laboratories, carried out by people in white coats, and gives children a taste of just how much fun science can be.